The Kiddi Company started out with a discussion over breakfast on April 2018, on how the owners can be of help in easing the lives of parents (of all kinds), without compromising quality, safety in all sorts, and maintaining the aesthetics of growing homes.

Started out with the help of Instagram and Facebook presence, e-friends and moms/pops, the brand launched our first official product — Kiddi Mats, on June 2018.

With over thousands of friends and followers, the love that was poured over social media, allowed The Kiddi Company to be preferred by most parents when it comes to considering Kiddi Mats as an essential that they need for safer playtimes.

Kept the same aim and things in mind on launch of the Kiddi Mats,  what came into mind next was the actualization of providing a versatile, sleek and functional storage — hence the becoming of the Kiddi Karts, launched May 2019. They rolled out real fast, and still doing so as of writing!

Continuously searching for products that will be of help in growing with families, the brand’s mission is to fill in your homes with useful items that will never compromise: quality, safety in all aspects, functionality and versatility, but still making sure it is budget-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing.

The Kiddi Company is forever growing with the help of the parents who believe in the brand, with their little ones happily tumbling and growing as well. More #kiddibabies, more #kiddihomes, to be filled with love, safety and all things happy.